Recruiting On Twitter

Recruiting On TwitterRecruiting on Twitter sounds easy… just follow a bunch of potential candidates and tweet them links to your jobs. But in fact this is the exact wrong approach.

1. Get  A Picture
By all means upload a picture. Nothing screams “bot” or “spam” like the default profile image. And while you are in there – add a nice description and link to your personal website or LinkedIn profile.

2. Follow strategically
Use FollerWonk to connect with targeted candidates and connectors in the communities for which you are recruiting. For example, if you are recruiting Javascript engineers in Chicago, you could use this to find and follow potential candidates.

3. What To Tweet
Whatever you do – don’t automate tweets from your Applicant Tracking System. There is nothing worse than seeing someone follow you that doesn’t have a picture and all their tweets are “Job 343: Systems Analyst Apply here”. You won’t get followed back. Guaranteed. Tweet things the people in Step 2 might find interesting. Ask them questions on projects they are working on.

4. Use Buffer To Schedule Tweets
Buffer is a fantastic service that allows you to queue tweets so they are posted at specific times throughout the day on whatever schedule to provide. It also has handy tools that allow you to add articles to post to your queue with a simple click of a bookmarklet. Why is this important? You don’t want to blast your followers with a bunch of tweets all at once. Buffer allows you to post everything at once but then it won’t tweet out for you until the scheduled time. This turns your tweets into a drip that is less likely to annoy your followers.

5. Engage and promote
The quickest way to get on a candidates radar is to help them promote stuff they are passionate about. Retweet and engage them about their hobbies and projects. This helps you build a relationship and when you go to pitch them on a job later they will have some history with you.

Got any other tips for recruiting and sourcing on Twitter? Let us know in the comments!

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Social Recruiting

Social RecruitingIn this 3rd episode of NinjaCast we discuss 5 Social Recruiting Faux Pas. In this episode we talk about using the right message for the right channel, relationships before engagement, and general social media etiquette.

Quick Tips:

1. Don’t automate your status updates. It’s obvious and not engaging.

2. Use the right message for the appropriate channel

3. Learn about someone before you message them

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Writing Job Descriptions

Writing Job DescriptionsOur last NinjaCast focused on job descriptions… specifically how bad they generally are. Listen to “Your Job Descriptions Suck” to learn how we view the state of job descriptions. Here is a summary of 5 reasons why your job descriptions suck.

  1. They are too long. Get to the point already
  2. No culture. Most people reading want to know what it’s like to work there first
  3. Skills dump. Don’t add the “it would be nice” skills. It throws people off – just list what’s required and keep it to 4-5 points
  4. Generally not written well to sell. Study some marketing copywriting for techniques.
  5. Horrible Headline. “Job 34394 Systems Analyst Bullhorn” does not entice me at all

What do you think? Do you think job descriptions suck? Leave your job description writing tips and tricks in the comments!

Are your job descriptions longer than a page? Do you stuff everything you *wish* the candidate possessed rather than what skills the candidates *needs* for the job? Are you looking for purple unicorns that can code, design, qa, and fly while chewing gum? Listen to this episode of NinjaCast where Andy and Doug talk about the horrible state of job descriptions and how they can be improved.

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Boolean Search Resumes

Boolean Search ResumesIn the tech field (where we mostly play) a lot of candidates will have their resume posted online – often times on their own website. For the most part these are easy to find with some simple boolean search logic in Google.

Erin Page recently wrote a great post on sourcing resumes on personal websites with boolean search logic. Here is an example of her base resume boolean search string:

inurl:resume|cv|vitae|portfolio|about|contact | intitle:resume|cv|vitae|portfolio|about|contact

And here is her example of a boolean search for resumes of UX designers in Nashville:

uxd | ixd | “user experience” | “interaction design” | hci | “human computer interaction” 37201..37250 | nashville | 615 filetype:pdf | filetype:docx | filetype:doc inurl:resume|cv|vitae|portfolio|about|contact | intitle:resume|cv|vitae|portfolio|about|contact

Read Erin’s great post on what each of those things inside the string means :-)

Is the whole boolean string thing not for you? Try our resume hunting tool X-Ray which hunts down resumes on personal websites by keyword. It’s not as comprehensive as the awesome boolean strings that Erin put together but it’s definitely a good start if you don’t do boolean on your own!

Is There A Talent Shortage?

Is There A Talent Shortage?Welcome to the first of many NinjaCasts – a podcast for and about recruiters. Learn old and new techniques for mastering the ninja art of recruiting. We’ll talk techniques, technology, sourcing, tools, and more.

In this episode we are joined by Greg Thomas of Palmer Group, a Des Moines based staffing firm. Listen to us debate whether or not there is indeed a talent shortage – or if there’s just a disconnect between what employers are wishing for and what they really need. Is there a skills gap? Is it an education problem? Or are employers just looking for purple flying unicorns that can code Java and work in Photoshop while slinging Javascript?

This and more in the first NinjaCast.

X-Ray Boolean Search

Last month we updated our popular boolean x-ray search tool.

Faster Searches: Even faster boolean searching on all sites
Boolean Searches: Improved support for boolean searches for keywords and location
Recent Searches: Your most active current searches are saved and are one click away for easy access
Simple URLs: Now you can bookmark your searches or share them with colleagues using our friendly URLs.Example:

X-Ray Update Walkthru

X-Ray Feature Screenshot

X-Ray Boolean Search


Facebook Graph Search For Recruiters

Facebook Graph Search For RecruitersSo by now you’ve heard of Facebook’s Graph Search… and it’s potential to impact the recruiting industry. According to industry pundits this will change everything that happens in the social media world – from advertising to recruiting and more.

Wired claims this release could “crush” recruiting and staffing services like LinkedIn, Monster, and CareerBuilder (more so for the last two) because it allows you to search Facebook based on interests, intent, motivation, and more. So theoretically you could search “Software Engineer that currently works at Facebook or Google”. That’s powerful stuff and something we’ll be covering extensively in the coming months.

For now – here’s a roundup of great posts over the last week on using Facebook’s social graph for recruiting.

  1. What Facebook’s Graph Search Means To The Recruiting World – via @JimStroud
  2. Why Facebook Graph Is No Threat To LinkedIn … yet – via @GlenCathey
  3. How Facebook’s Graph Search Changes Social Recruitingvia @TalentMinded
  4. The Creepy Details Of Facebook’s New Graph Search
  5. Five Kinds Of Companies That Facebook’s New Graph Search Could Crush

What do you think about Facebook’s Graph Search impact on recruiting and sourcing? Chime in below!

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